Hawaii Association of the Blind Logo that has a colorful flower lei surrounding the letters HAB with a cane through the center

Hawaii Association of the Blind

"advocating independence, equality and opportunity for the blind"


HAB Standing Committees & Their Functions

1.  Membership Committee:

•  The role of the Membership Committee is to introduce potential members during HAB general monthly meetings.

•  The committee strives to pair newly adopted members with a mentor so they may assist in finding their niche within the organization.

•  The committee also assists new members by making them feel welcome and create a sense of belonging within the organization.

• The committee also maintains outreach support

2.  Legislative Committee:

•  The legislative Committee is in charge of keeping track of bills being considered in the legislature that will affect the blind community.

•  The committee reports any legislative bills that require attention during monthly HAB meetings and open discussions on whether the organization should act upon.

•  The committee provides written or vocal testimony during Senate hearings on issues the organization is in support of or against.

•  The committee maintains relationships with Senators, Representatives, and other government officials by visiting them at the state capital and sharing about HAB and explaining its mission.

• The committee also communicates with concerned members that face a personal issue, which is then subsequently reviewed by the committee as to whether or not should be acted upon.

3.  Social Committee:

•  The Social Committee coordinates activities outside of monthly meetings. Such events include but are not limited to: the Thanksmas and New Year's celebrations.

•  The committee may also schedule smaller activities such as Karaoke parties, picnics, movie outings, etc.

•  The purpose of HAB social activities is to foster a sense of community while also providing a venue for members to better acquaint themselves with their fellow members.

4.  Library Committee:

•  The HAB Library Committee members serve on the Libraries Advisory Board, which is conducted quarterly by library staff.

•  Those who serve on the board are selected by Advisory board members, and therefore HAB has no involvement with the selection process.

•  From time to time, HAB members that do currently serve on the advisory board will report news about services and events that pertain to the library and services for its patrons.

5.  Public Relations Committee:

•  The Public Relations committee is to share or communicate through radio, newspapers, etc, to the public about the organization's events. These include but are not limited to: HAB's annual state convention.

•  The committee is responsible for producing HAB's newsletter two or three times a year. Such articles include but are not limited to: member interviews, member reactions on ACB conventions, technology, etc.

•  The committee reaches out to HAB members and the public of special news such as the 2020 Kovid-19 pandemic, how best to stay safe, and so forth.

•  The committee provides a written report on changes or new things happening within the blindness community at the local or national levels.

•  The committee shares with the public special activities that HAB's members that have been involved with and how the organization made a difference in the lives of others thru these efforts.

6.  Technology Committee:

•  The technology committee is responsible for the upkeep and care of HAB's website and Facebook page.

•  The committee is also responsible for making sure that HAB's website content is accurate and up-to-date.

•  The committee may time-to-time share info on upcoming or new technology for the blind.

•  The committee may also report on difficult or inaccessible technology for the blind in order to educate HAB's members on what does or does not work for blind consumers.

•  The committee also keeps an archive of HAB annual convention recordings on its website.

7.  Outreach Committee:

•  The Outreach Committee searches for community activities or events that would provide HAB with opportunities to educate the public and bring awareness about blindness and how such limitations do not prevent the blind from work or play. Such events include but are not limited too: The Children and Youth day and Young at Heart Fairs.

•  Outreach events also provides the opportunity to share with the public on HAB's mission and how we work hard to advocate and support Hawaii's blind community.

8.  Scholarship Committee:

•  The scholarship committee is responsible for the marketing and public promotion of the organization's scholarship fund.

•  The committee is responsible for the receiving and reviewing of scholarship applications.

•  The committee determines the approval of applicants and the dollar amount awarded.

•  The committee keeps records of scholarships awarded. Such information may include but is not limited to: The names of scholarship recipients and the amount they received.

•  The committee produces written records of each scholarship awarded and provides copies of the paperwork for the treasurer's records.

9.  Contact Committee:

•  The committee keeps track of and communicates with HAB members about upcoming events and/or activities, as well as monthly meetings.

•  The committee is responsible for maintaining the accuracy of members contact information.

•  The committee is responsible for calling or emailing contacting members about the monthly meetings, as well as taking head counts for meetings and special events.

10.  Refreshment Committee:

•  The Refreshment Committee provides the snacks at monthly meetings. The refreshments are paid for by using a special fund in which HAB members contribute as needed.

•  The refreshment committee also assists with the setting up, breaking down, and cleaning of the meeting room.

•  The committee also assists with other legistics of the committee.

11.  Internal Support:

•  The Internal Support Committee reaches out to members that are unable to attend HAB meetings and events due to illness or other circumstances.

•  The committee gives a report at monthly meetings so the membership can keep those members being mentioned in their thoughts and prayers.

•  The committee relies on membership support in order to have updates on the general health of ill members, announcements of weddings, graduations, newborn arrivals, member passings, etc.

• The committee encourages membership participation as the committee relies on its members for other news that would ordinarily be missed.

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