Hawaii Association of the Blind Logo that has a colorful flower lei surrounding the letters HAB with a cane through the center

Hawaii Association of the Blind

"advocating independence, equality and opportunity for the blind"


The Hawaii Association of the Blind supports blind and visually impaired students who wish to go to college by providing scholarship grants. If you know any student in need of financial assistance to go to college, he/she can avail of the HAB scholarship by filling out the application form below.

The Hawaii Association of the Blind is offering scholarships to legally blind college students who are also Hawaii residents. The students may be attending any accredited university or college regardless of location. May 15th and November 15th are the deadlines for Fall and Spring applications.

Scholarships may be offered on an annual or a semi-annual basis as determined by the scholarship committee. The committee reserves the right not only to accept or deny scholarship applications, but also to determine the amount and duration of the scholarship. Scholarship recipients must re-apply in order to be considered for future scholarships. Those who are denied a scholarship are eligible to re-apply in the future. Scholarships will not exceed one-year in duration and are not expected to be less than $500 per semester.

Please click on the picture of the form below. (Note the form is an Adobe Acrobat editable file so make sure you have Adobe Acrobat installed in your computer.)

HAB Scholarship Application Form Picture